What is addineo?

addineo is a PowerPoint add-in that helps you deliver awesome presentations in record time. We want you to focus on true added value, we take care of the pains of styling for you


addineo brings the impact of your work to the next level with beautiful presentations


addineo smartly automates actions to save you hours otherwise spent on non-added-value tasks instead of content


addineo allows you to comply with high-level standards and styling best practices without any effort

Use cases

Get shapes smartly aligned

Select by shapes and colors, align, distribute, add space, stack… Get the shapes perfectly arranged without any effort

Design tables in a blink

Because tables are quick and easy, addineo allows you to get more out of them

Check, Clean and Share your work

addineo provides a useful tool to check formatting and consistency of your slides before sharing it to the world. Make sure you are compliant with best practices


Here is a quick overview of the features offered by addineo

Automatic Agenda Creation

Create or refresh an agenda with one click, based on custom slide and shape. Use the auto-update feature to update the agenda anytime you update your presentation

Smart select, align, distribute

Select shapes by similarities: approximately same top, left, right, bottom, center, middle, shape or color. You can also conveniently stack, align or distribute the selected shapes in a click

Smart select and set size

Select shapes by similarities: approximately same height or width. You can also harmonize the size of the selected shapes in a click

Smart Brush

Memorize the position, the size and the styles of a shape, and apply it to other shapes in any slide. No more misaligned shapes between slides!

Magic align, stack, padding

Rearrange a set of shapes as if they were cells of a table. Add or remove padding to separate them with exactly the same spacing

Shared Libraries

With addineo you can save any shape, set of slides or template to easily reuse them from any PowerPoint presentation opened

You can also share with your teammates anything you want
Find the shared or saved items easily using the search bar

Advanced shapes

Transform a table into a set of shapes. Add padding right after will allow you to create awesome designs.

Stop using images! Transform SVG files into true PowerPoint editable shapes. Change any color and scale at any size

Clean and share

Change proofing language of all the presentations in one click. You can choose among any proofing language set in your PowerPoint configuration. Delete all effects or animations of all the shapes of the selected slides in one click. Export selected slides in PowerPoint or pdf format, either to save on disk or to send by email, in one click

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